6096 Windrow Inverter

windrow inverter

Double or invert your widrow inverter completely
by minimizing loss of leaves

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Windrow Inverter 6096

Not just a swath deflector...

Dion’s swath turner does more than just deflecting swath, it replaces curing and swathing. On the first pass, the windrow inverter is moved on a dry ground and turned completely to expose the moist side. The sun takes care of the drying. A second pass allows the swath to dry completely and brings together dry hay when needed.

Smooth work

The lifter lifts the windrow inverter smoothly without picking up any soil or rock. The conveyor belt maintains the integrity of the swath and the disk turns it and lays it softly on the ground.

Quick and energy efficient

Dion’s windrow inverter is set on wheels, has no P.T.O. and hydraulics and requires little power. The mechanism clutches automatically when the lifter is lowered. The operational speed can vary from 12 to 18 km/h or 2 to 3 ha/h.