F-41 and F-41Stinger Forage Harvester

  F-41Rotary Corn Head
The industry’s quickest, simplest, 1 sided, 1 bolt shearbar
adjustment is an EXCLUSIVE DION DESIGN!

Dion reversible shearbars are hardened for added strength & longevity. Both
cutting edges are tungsten carbide coated creating a self-sharpening wear
pattern for consistent chop quality.

Knife sharpener using a 3” diameter round stone & “clicker”
system allowing the operator to obtain a precise & quick sharpening every time.

LED transport lights optimize reliability & offer increased safety
for travel on public roads.

P.T.O. support both 1 3/8” & 1 3/4”” yokes are available.

Industrie’s quickest adjustable hitch ensures perfect P.T.O. alignment. Your choice of CAT II, CAT III or CAT IV hitch.

All shields are hinged for increased safety. The shields open completely to allow maximum access to the harvester’s internals.

Electric, cab controlled, F-N-R transmission, 230° spout rotation & spout deflector controls are standard.

Standard shearbolt over-load protection on the cutterhead. Optional slip clutch is available. Radial ball clutch protection of the

Cutterhead protection is ensured with a standard shearbolt over-load safeguard while an optional slip clutch is available. The feedrolls are protected by way of a radial ball clutch.

Metal detection protects expensive machinery and your livestock.

Replaceable spout liner with standard hardox steel liner.

Hydraulic-controlled attachment height ajustment and tongue ajustment makes switching attachment heads effortless and road travel a breeze.
Easily load to the left or right, the stinger raises up to a height of 18.5’ (5.6 m) with a length of 18’ (5.5 m) and offers 280° rotation with a 4 m minimum reach. The modular design is convertible from the side loading to a trailed loading configuration.

Folds down safely for transport to a height of less than 3 m and is fully supported on an integrated hydraulic accumulator suspension for a smooth ride in the field and down the road.

A dedicated, fully integrated heavy-duty transition base is installed on all F41 STINGER harvesters.

The stinger is fitted with abrasion-resistant steel Hardox 450 and Domex 100 liners. These are fully replaceable with direct
access from the top.

The F41 Stinger is equipped with, two section bi-fold deflector, standard wide-angle day and night camera.

7 inch in-cab color monitor, LED spot light and electrohydraulic cab controls for all three functions (height, rotation and
deflector angle).

Requires one additional close-circuit hydraulic SCV (pressure compensated or load-sensing pump) with flow control adjustable to 2.5 gpm.

forage harvester cutter head

The cutterhead

is a massive 24” (69 cm) wide by 22” (56 cm) diameter. This mammoth 450 lb (205 kg) cutterhead features full width, 5/8” (16 mm) thick, 2-1/2” (64 mm) wide, solid steel, knife supports to securely fasten the 12 full width tungsten carbideedges knives. Normally, standard knives develop a thicker cutting edges with time. These specially designed Dion knives, wich promote ideal knife-to-shearbar angle for optimal cutting efficiency, retain their fine edge after repeated sharpening.